We employ a consistent value-added investment strategy utilizing a disciplined approach to identify market inefficiencies.

OUR Philosophy

Omicrom, LLC has expertise in the areas of sourcing deals, managing risk, and generating revenue. We employ a consistent value-added investment strategy utilizing a disciplined approach to identify market inefficiencies. We acquire high-quality operating assets at a material discount to replacement cost. We gain a full understanding of value enhancement opportunities for each investment to enhance cash flow and create long-term capital appreciation through capital improvements, stronger operations and management. Our disciplined investment process identifies attractive risk-adjusted investment opportunities in office, multifamily, industrial, retail, hotel, and specialized real estate, such as senior housing and self-storage. Omicrom's investment strategy easily adapts to the constantly changing market conditions, but is rooted in the fundamentals of risk mitigation and cash flow management.



We have long-standing relationships with key brokers and owners in all the markets that we acquire assets. Strong relationships and a deep working knowledge of markets afford us unique opportunities that are typically not available to most investors.



Capital preservation is always our primary goal. For each transaction, we complete an exhaustive due diligence process where we fully analyze all of the physical, legal, and business variables associated with each property. Before we complete any transaction, we gain a full understanding of downside risk scenarios and future capital needs. By capitalizing each transaction independently, we prudently manage financial risk.



We take a very hands on approach with each asset we acquire. We focus on operations, rent growth, lease-up, expense controls and with a strong emphasis on in-place cash flows.

Growing Value Through Opportunity

Our Strategy

Add Value

Our approach begins by identifying assets that have the potential for dramatic increases in rental rates or occupancy, a dramatic decreases in operating expenses, or a blend of all these factors that will directly boost NOI, increase the asset value and thus create or “add” value.


Strategically changing the position of the property in the market place by analyzing market competition, identifying key demographics, estimating improvement costs to create detailed Return On Investment projections.

Income Producing Assets

Identifying attractive current income producing assets with above market cap rates, stable, fully leased, multi-tenant properties within strong, diversified metropolitan areas. Assets are acquired either through repositioning or direct acquisition.

Short Term Purchase and Resale

Our specialists are continually evaluating short term opportunities in specific markets. These opportunities include distress sales, rehab opportunities along with simply identifying value.


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Recent News

Omicrom, LLC announces the acquisition of 4461 Medical Center Way
West Palm Beach, FL. is a freestanding professional medical building conveniently located on the east side of Congress Avenue just south of 45th Street in West Palm Beach. Learn more...

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